JSC incorporates five member organizations, namely: SBMC, JSWA, JS, JESC, and JECES. These specialized agencies for off-site and on-site sanitation were created for most of them about forty years ago to solve the environmental concerns associated with wastewater, night soil and sludge, when Japan was experiencing severe water pollution due to its growing economic activity and a quick population increase in urban areas. These five professional agencies have since successfully dealt with sanitation issues and are still today daily contributing in making Japan a country where people can safely enjoy water and where sanitation is expertly managed.

At JSC, we believe that Japan’s expertise and unique experience in a wide field of sanitation systems, ranging from off-site (sewerage) to on-site systems (which still account today for 30% of the total sanitation coverage in Japan: 20% is covered by the Japanese decentralized wastewater treatment system called johkasou, and 10 % includes the night soil collection and treatment from the remaining night soil storage tanks) could be very useful for the countries of the Asia-Pacific seeking for sanitation improvement. Our activities include capacity building and technical assistance in areas/projects that need additional expertise, and can provide solutions to upgrade the existing systems.

Different than a consultant, we aim to promote the development of effective policies, regulations and institutional management. At all sanitation-related levels, including universities, local consultants, engineers, project staffs, officials, politicians, etc., we wish to increase knowledge and the number of capable human resources with the development of research and education institutes, and the organization of training courses, seminars and workshops.

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