Sanitation covers human activities related to human waste (excreta) and water quality. It ranges from the prevention of health diseases through hygienic treatment, to the prevention of the pollution of public water bodies like rivers, lakes and coastal sea areas through adequate treatment and reuse of domestic and industrial wastewaters. Sanitation also considers stormwater drainage in urban areas.

The purpose of JSC activities is to support the countries of the Asia-Pacific region with low access to sanitation, and to enable them acquiring the knowledge and capacity to develop and diffuse sustainable sanitation facilities, for the improvement of public health and the reduction of water pollution. JSC aims to offer each country solutions and management strategies to tackle their sanitation challenges, including the provision of a matrix for the selection of appropriate technologies to best suit local conditions and needs.

In addition, to promote the development of policies, capability and investment for sanitation, JSC aspires to consolidate, disseminate and share knowledge as well as information through an active collaboration with the Japanese government, international donor organizations and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

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