1. Vision

Our fundamental goal is to promote the preservation of our environment, and provide safe and comfortable living conditions to the populations in the Asia-Pacific region. We aim to create an environment that would give the countries facing sanitation issues the knowledge and capacity to concretely tackle their challenges. This comprises the development of sustainable sanitation systems with suitable policies, proper management systems and good practices obtained through the exchange and diffusion of information, knowledge and expertise.

We also wish to reduce and ultimately eradicate social, economic and gender disparities for the access to sanitation.

2. Mission

Weak policy, low capacity and poor investment in sanitation result in severe water pollution and the spread of waterborne diseases, which pose direct threats to public health. At JSC, we consider that sanitation issues do not originate only from the failure of information and knowledge sharing among countries, but also because of the fragmented administration that prevents countries from exchanging information internally. For these reasons, we aim in the short term to develop an international network for sanitation, in which information will be gathered, and knowledge and experiences actively shared.

Through the demonstration and diffusion of good practices, we want to develop awareness about the importance of sanitation and make this issue a higher priority on the political agenda.

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