Our activities

As the operating body of the APWF’s KnowledgeHub for sanitation, JSC conducts the following activities:

  • Networking: indentify related organizations in sanitation in each country of the Asia-Pacific region to establish and operate an information network on sanitation in collaboration with international donor organizations; deliver knowledge, experiences, and comparative studies on sanitation.
  • Information gathering: create a sanitation database for the Asia-Pacific region, and conduct research for sanitation improvement with team members from government, industry and academia;
  • Knowledge dissemination and information sharing: organize international seminars and conferences to share knowledge, information and experiences in the sanitation field;
  • Support to international donor organizations (ADB, JICA, UNICEF, WORLD BANK, UN-HABITAT, etc.): conduct sanitation related training courses, field investigations; provide advice for the selection of appropriate technologies, and assistance with experts to projects and operations developed by international donor organizations;
  • Coordinate actions with partner organizations, such as UNICEF and WTO (World Toilet Organization).

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